The company that became White Electronic Designs (WEDC) , now acquired by Microsemi Corporation, was originally formed in 1951 as Bowmar Instrument Corporation, established a legacy of sixty years in electronics manufacturing. Through strategic mergers and acquisitions, Microsemi has become a profitable, fast-growing leader of advance technology and electronics components solutions.
   Microsemi Power & Microelectronics Group MIL-PRF38534>MIL-PRF38535ISO9001:2008 & AS9100:2004 & DMEA accredited) is focused entirely on the defense microelectronics market. Products and capabilities are uniquely positioned to provide semiconductor packaging and hi-performance memory solution for Defense & Aerospace.
   We are fully embedded in those programs through our System in a Package (SIP) technology and capability, particularly in support of GPS systems. We are committed to the technology and support of programs that demand security, Information Assurance and Tamper Resistance in defense platforms.
   In general, we target application that demand through extended environmental performance for which commercial products are unacceptable. We provide microelectronics technology and products that survive the rigorous requirements of temperature, shock, vibration, and gun launch or other environmental stresses as dictated by mission.